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Dave Karp

Dave Karp is currently a (super...) senior in Columbia College Chicago with a major in Fiction Writing. He is in love with cafes, writing, traveling, and everything art. Raised in New Jersey (errrr), Dave discovered his love for writing in Chicago (it's true...I hated books when I was younger) and can usually be found hanging in cafes on his free time. He has also been lucky enough to have traveled to many parts of the world and loves nothing more than to explore and take walks, which he does quite a bit in Chicago (Night walks are the best. Why am I writing this in the third person?). He has toured around New Jersey in a theatre troop during his high school years, been published in JUF Magazine and currently has a few projects up his sleeve. Lastly, his dreams are to become a great writer and traveler, to make at least one rock album in his life, and to visit his home country of Peru, where he was adopted from, and to be a good person. Dave Karp is writing this in the third person. Dave Karp feels like Bob Dole writing this. Dave Karp want tea! (...I might edit this later...)...( Don't believe anything Justin says...)

Justin Vaisnor

Justin Vaisnor is a much more sane human being than Dave Karp. A graduate from Columbia College with a major in Film and a minor in Fiction Writing. From and lives in a suburb of Chicago, he enjoys reading, writing, observing, thinking and all the little things in life (whatever life may be). Justin loves to frequent local cafes, bars, and movie theaters. Enjoys driving-though disapproves of the current squandering of resources for the use of transportation-and is probably one to not get in a car with when he is behind the wheel. He enjoys lounging on grass, beaches, benches and is fond of hiking and rock climbing. Justin has taken acting and improv classes at local Chicago theaters. He aspires to be a comedian, a poet, a writer, a director of film and an overall decent human being (will get back to you on what all that entails).

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